Frequently Asked Questions

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Vdesignplace acts as a platform for architects, interior designers and interested parties to connect. Architects and designers can create a profile detailed with their portfolio, while users can browse through profiles to find architects who match their project needs.
If you have that dream home already envisioned and want to make it a reality, let Vdesignplace help you skip a few steps to get there. As an interior decorator or architect, you can upload your portfolio in one place to showcase to a community of customers. As a customer, this is your one stop to find the perfect person for your project. Let us help you connect!
Anything from your bedroom to office spaces, we've got an entire community of creative architects and designers waiting to showcase their talents. Whatever the space, we will have someone who can do it.
All you have to do is sign up to get access to our online community here.
No! We don't charge you to access our database or upload portfolios. All you have to do is register
If you're interested, you can contact an interior designer or architect who fits your project needs through our mailing system.